Friday, August 23, 2013

Delicate Arch...I Did It!

Moab, UT
August 23, 2013

  We first did The Delicate Arch hike on May 23. That day was a very, very windy day...walking out to the arch was not meant to be.

When we left, I hoped to have another chance one day.

When we decided to return to Moab, the Delicate Arch hike was at the top of the list. Tuesday, 8/20/13 was the day!
It's a great 3 mile hike up slickrock, through a sandy area and then a ledge. Just as you turn the corner which Joe is about to do in the picture above, the arch comes into view...WOW!

This picture shows the walk out to the arch...a slope of slickrock and a drop-off. I got about half way...and don't know what happened. I just couldn't go any further. I did sit for awhile hoping the uneasy feeling of lack of confidence would pass, but it didn't so I turned back.

Fast forward a few days to Thursday evening. We met Gary and Judy (full time RVers for 5 years!)...our new next door neighbors for a week. This is their first trip to Moab. They are avid hikers and at the top of their list was the Delicate Arch hike. "I can do this!" I said to myself. Joe and I don't usually do the same hike in the same week, but I really wanted to achieve a small personal goal.

 The walk up the slickrock sure gets the heart to pumping. But our time passed quickly...its always fun visiting with and getting to know fellow RVers. There are always lots of stories to share.
Gary, Judy, and Joe

 In the picture below, I wasn't just taking photographs...I was inching my way to the arch.


Joe joined me about half take my picture at the arch.


What a great "WOW!" moment. The third time's the charm.

That's me!

We continued stop was a 1 mile hike to the North and South Windows and the Turret Arch.

 My best shot of the Windows.

The view looking through the North Window. Quite impressive!

Turret Arch is just a short distance away.

 I think I have seen it all...we not only took a double look, we took several looks. I don't think you can tell from the picture, but we did see fish net stockings!

Then this...what the heck do you do with hulla hoops on a hike?

Maybe they are together? Is it a circus act at the Turret Arch? I wish we could have waited to see...

Last stop...a walk around Balanced Rock.

 It was sunny when we parked...not so sunny when we left.

Way cool rock creations all around the area of Balanced Rock...

We had an awesome day!

 Gary and Judy are fun and we hope to have another hike with them before they leave... and a Jeep ride! 
 Before heading home, we stopped at the Moab Brewery for a burger and fish tacos...well, Joe had the burger and the rest of us had the tacos. YUMMY! 
 It's Friday...again! Hope you have a wonderful week-end.

Take care...
 Until next time...


  1. Nice. We love the feeling of accomplishment you get from a good hike!

  2. Congratulations! I hope you gave yourself a big pat on the back for making it to the arch. I probably couldn't have left without asking those folks about the hula hoops.. then hoped they'd offer an explanation of the fishnet stockings..... what a hoot!

  3. Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment, and good for you for trying until you made it. Achieving the hardest goals bring the sweetest success.

    But I don't know - somehow I think I'd rather be home reading a book, and checking out your photos on the computer. Those heights, and the ones in your last few posts, just creep me out. I like hiking, but I think I'd rather be on flatter ground. But good for you - someone has to post these beautiful photos for the rest of us. :)

  4. I'm huffing and puffing for you! I hope I also get to share the metabolism boost you got!!

  5. The first time I did Delicate Arch, I was by myself, first wife and two very young kids waited in the parking lot below. It was, if I remember right, in March. Not a cold day, not a hot day, lovely day to hike it, and very few people along the way. I got such a feeling up did this arch get all the way up there? Next time I did it with my three kids, youngest one was nine, about ten years was in July, a hot, very hot, July day. I barely made it. We had water and Gatorade with more Gatorade in the car on ice when we got back....but there were these two women, one of which was having large troubles, that we met along the way. Passed them on the way back down, and I waited to give them the Gatorade because the one really needed it. Ten minutes later as we drive out, she gives me the big thumbs up with a smile on her face...amazing stuff that Gatorade is when one really is in need of it. Been up there one more time after that...perhaps again in the future, who knows.

  6. Thanks for the photos of one of my favorite places:) So glad you made it out to stand under the arch. I had that same feeling come over me while taking a different route back from a hike in Zion. Couldn't explain it, just froze and could barely move. Never happened again, thank goodness.

    Looks like a wonderful time with new friends.

    Gee, wonder what that "circus" couple was going to do!

  7. More awesome pictures, never know what you find out there.
    Walmart shoppers that made a wrong turn?

  8. Impressive pictures, we cant wait to get there ourselves and I posing under that arch. Great sneak preview.

  9. We are really looking forward to Utah. Don't know when, but it is on the top of the must see places. Your posts are excellent and I do plan to reread them when our time comes.

  10. Perhaps fishnet stockings is the latest thing in hiking attire?? :)

  11. LOL! I would have done a double take on the fishnet stockings too! The pictures are amazing. So glad you are having such a great time! Hugs to all. Georgia sends kisses!

  12. Congratulations on accomplishing your goal. It sounds like the feeling it gave you made your efforts exceed your expectations. Such gorgeous views!

  13. Beautiful photos! What a beautiful area. Your determination was very admiral and what an accomplishment you achieved!! It looks pretty scary and I am not afraid of heights (that I know of)!

    We were camping, on vacation, one time in Grants Pass, Oregon and we wanted to go take a tour of the caves there. I had been in caves when I was much younger. Well, we got to the entrance and was listening to the guide before heading in and something came over me and I could not go into the cave! It was a very strange feeling. So,I understand what you described!

    But you went back and did it - congratulations!

  14. Interesting. Those two must have been up to something ...but what? Who knows?! Big congrats on your personal accomplishment!! The pics are beautiful.

  15. Good for you! You not only conquered the arch, you conquered your fear as well! The photos are beautiful. Can't wait to see Arches for myself.