Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Raining! It's Pouring! The "Tan Clan" is Snoring!

St. Mary, MT
August 1, 2013

 When we were in Polson, every morning we passed by the neighbors on the way to the bark park. She was always very friendly to the pups and greeted them as the "tan clan".

Well, here we are in St. Mary and what does the tan clan do on a rainy day? They sleep!

 Rain...more like pouring all day long! And kind of chilly too...a high of 58 F. We haven't been anywhere all day.


It was a short drive yesterday from Polson to St. Mary...only 186 miles.

We followed the Flathead River...
...drove through road construction...
...and lots of traffic!

 We enjoyed the sites

and sounds along the way.

 I just can't seem to get enough...its a surprise around every turn and over every hill.

We checked into the KOA at St. Mary. Traveling with 4 pups has it's challenges. It's really hard to find a place that allows all 6 of us.
Our view to the right...

...behind us...

...more to the right...

and to the left.

 Sally and I took a walk late yesterday afternoon around the park. We saw lots of pretty sights!

 It should stop raining mid-morning tomorrow.

We plan to visit the information center at Glacier...can't wait to take a hike!

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  1. We've had quite a bit of rain also. And some hail which I didn't appreciate at all. Hopefully tomorrow is better but I think we have another system moving in. Hopefully it will stay way south of you and you can see sunshine for your hikes. There are a lot of campgrounds out there that won't let you have more than two pups so I'm sure it's hard to find places.

  2. Your post brought back special memories of our time in St. Marys

  3. With all that rain it sure doesn't make you think of summer! The area sure looks beautiful though.

  4. It doesn't seem to matter where you travel in the western half of the US, there is always amazing scenery and, as you said, a surprise around every corner.

    I saw that you sold your motorcycle and weren't into hiking during your last visit to SD. Gee, we have even more in common! And now we are both into the Jeep thing! We sold our HD in Bakersfield, CA and bought our first Jeep there. We need to revisit several places so we can hike now that we have discovered the thrill of this activity. Sounds like I am following myself...haha!

    We didn't hike Glacier!!! Well, a third trip won't be so bad! Enjoy your time. I'll be waiting for those hiking pictures.

  5. Love your flower pictures...cant get enough of them. I've read that Montana had quite a storm a few days ago but sure glad you were not in it as evidenced by your beautiful captures.
    Can't wait to go to Montana....a couple more years, just pave the way.

  6. The tan clan; that's funny. I especially liked the picture of the spent flower.

  7. Yes, I agree with Judy. All your pictures are beautiful, what gorgeous country you are in, but the one-petaled flower made me do a double take, too. Funny, I guess something a little different and not quite perfect appeals to me.

    Tan Clan - clever, very cute. I can imagine that it must be hard sometimes to find parks that will allow four, or not charge you an arm and a leg, since they usually charge per pet, if the DO have a pet charge. Hey, that's a great reason to boondock - no extra pet charge! :)

  8. Funny how the dogs do snore. Sometimes its Cooper and others it is Effie. And they don't usually sleep when it rains they are afraid there is thunder involved. Love your pictures, just gorgeous country, hard to take a bad one isn't it?
    Looking forward to more scenery!