Friday, August 9, 2013

Trick Falls

St. Mary, MT
Glacier NP
August 7, 2013

 Our fourth adventure destination...Two Medicine.

Views from US-89
 From St. Mary, it was a beautiful drive on US 89 south for about 19 miles.

Then we made a sharp right turn onto MT-49.

Looking Glass Road

MT-49 is better known as Looking Glass Road. It is a beautiful scenic drive thru the Blackfoot Indian Reservation.

Beautiful far as the eye can see.

And spectacular views of Lower Two Medicine Lake...

...with views of Rising Wolf Mt.

At one time, Two Medicine was a primary destination in the park...before the Going-to-the-Sun Road was constructed. Today it is off-the-beaten-path so to speak.

Our plan was to have a relaxing day. The weather forecast had predicted a 60 percent chance of thunder showers and rain. Not a day for hiking.

It had rained earlier in the day...the ground was moist, the air was cool and the aroma of fresh fir trees filled our noses!

The nature trail is wheelchair accessible. We had the pleasure of meeting  Mr. B and his owner.

 Two Medicine is included in the over 5 million acres of the Glacier/Bob Marshall Wilderness ecosystem known as Rocky Mountain Front.
Two hundred years ago, this territory introduced Lewis and Clark to the quintessential American wilderness.
 Although much of the landscape throughout the US has been lost to logging, mining, and development, the Rocky Mountain Front is the only region in the lower 48 states that is still home to all the species present at the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

 This was a nice find for the day...seeing this Black Cottonwood tree.

The bark is grey and covered with lenticels, becoming thick and deeply fissured on old trees.

 It is a large tree, growing to a height of 98 feet tall with a trunk diameter of over 6.6 feet. Some of these trees live to be 400 years old.

 Running Eagle Falls also known as "Trick Falls" flows off the river between Lower and Upper Two Medicine Lakes.

It is nicknamed trick Falls because there are actually two separate waterfalls in the same location. During spring runoff (which we missed) water rushes over the top ledge for a 40 foot drop that covers up the lower falls/

By late summer, the upper falls is dried up. Water continues to rush through a sink hole at the top of the cliff before flowing out of an opening in the cliff face...this creates a 20 foot falls.

This is the top of the cliff. You can tell where the water in the spring flows.

 The rock walls were beautiful!

 And so were all the flowers!

 As you can was a gorgeous day...not a drop of rain or a single thunder storm.

Our hike for yesterday was cancelled however...why? Rain...cold, drizzly, windy rain!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Until next time...


  1. Some day it would even be nice just to follow in your tracks. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Love the trick falls, another wonderful hike, then a rainy day just for a change of pace.

  3. That area is just a wealth of beautiful flora and fauna and views.....You'll want to go back. AND, I know what the definition of LENTICELS is after taking my botany class. !! We can now talk our own special language. Sue

  4. We love to camp in Two Medicine C. G. in the fall. The crowds are gone, the bears are on the roam, and the colors are gorgeous.
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. Beautiful Pictures! I am wishing now we had worked Glacier into our travel plans:( Next time:)

  6. Glad it didn't rain on your parade! You had a great day with amazing views. Thanks for so many photos of the falls:) Two Medicine seems like a wonderful area to hike. Too bad it is so far from the main camping areas for Glacier. I had several very interesting hikes in my book. Someday we may have to boondock in the area and give them a try.

    I love the photo of the orange and yellow flower near the end of your post:)

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time in the Glacier area.

  7. Decided to try to catch up on reading blogs. However, have terrible internet and can't pull up many pictures. Good internet isn't always around. Ugh!