Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Branson, Missouri

Branson, MO
September 26 - 27, 2013

 We were up and on the road before the sun when we left Amarillo last week...

What a beautiful ride we had...not much traffic, cool weather, and a gorgeous sunrise to enjoy.

Instead of getting on I 40 east by the KOA, we chose to travel the back way to the Interstate...

...and enjoy the countryside.

 We rode thru Wheeler, TX, population 1592. These turkeys were practicing the turkey trot...or,

...maybe just late for breakfast!

We drove a whopping 375 miles to Checotah, OK where we spent the night. That was our first time to spend the night in Oklahoma. We didn't see a thing, but I will still add it to our travel map. Our rule is an overnight counts. What's your rule?

 Friday morning our route took us thru the north western corner of Arkansas. Its really pretty...we have never been to Arkansas either.
 We enjoyed the scenery...

It wasn't all flat land. There were plenty of times Belle was charging up hills.

Neither one of us paid attention in geography class or we would have known we were in the Ozark Mountains!

So here we are in Branson, MO...our dear friends, Mary Ellen and Jim, from Kitchener, Ontario met us. We met them at Cape Hatteras, NC in the spring of 2011 and this is our third time to visit. What a fun time we are having.  

Meet Francie and Nelli. What smart pups they are and so funny too!

So what have we been up to besides long visits, picnics, and side-splitting laughter? More on that later!

But here is a clue!

Take care...until next time, enjoy the view!


  1. Branson seems to be a busy blogger place lately. :)

  2. Kitchener is our home town, will be there Next Week for a bit "Oktoberfest" with the family. Love Branson area , enjoy your time there.,

  3. Certainly looks like you've had an amazing journey with some gorgeous scenery.

  4. it looks like maybe, just maybe, Someone went on the Showboat Branson Belle :)

  5. Our rule is that we have to do some exploring in the state before it gets added to our map. I really really want to go to Branson but not sure when we're going to make it. So I'm going to enjoy your visit with you.

  6. We've never been to Branson. For some reason I want to visit, guess it is from a book series I read. Make sure to add lots of info for us out here. Enjoy your time with your friends!

  7. Good to read of your progress eastward. We've been thru that area, including Branson and found the Ozarks very scenic but no urge to take in the entertainment...The rest of your drive should be getting very colorful .....

  8. Can't wait to see how the leaf change looks there. Have fun with your friends!

  9. Enjoyed riding along with you to Branson & seeing the lovely countryside on the way. A very beautiful sunrise to start the day with. Don & I hope to see Branson next sure to take in all the good sights & let us know what you liked best. Have fun!

  10. Our rule regarding the map, is the same as yours. We must stay over night before we can add that state to our map. We haven't made it to Branson yet, it is on our to do list:).

  11. It looks like you are winding down for a while. We would also go backroads if we can just to enjoy the scenery.
    Thanks for the ride.