Friday, October 4, 2013

Branson, MO...Shopping and Shows!

Branson, MO
September 28 - October 4, 2013

If shopping and shows are something you enjoy, Branson is the place for you! Shopping...its everywhere! Take your pick...we did! Tanger Outlets was out first stop. We spent several hours perusing the 70 shops and enjoyed a lunch break at one of the 4 restaurants. We also enjoyed the uptown, upscale feeling at Branson Landing. The Bass Pro Shop, one of the anchor stores, was great for luring the guys to join us! Its pretty neat with high rise condos above the stores, beautiful flowers, brick paved walks and its right on the lake.

As far as shows, it was hard to filter through the list of theaters...its a long list! Thanks to Judy and Gary, who recommended Shoji, that was our choice.

The lobby
What a treat! Shoji is a country music fiddler and singer who performs in his own theater. This is the 25th year in his theater which is why he is sometimes called the King of Branson. Aside from country music, the show includes gospel, polka, Cajun, rock, and beautiful patriotic tunes.

The show is entertaining...the restrooms are "award-winning masterpieces". Yep, the theater won America's Best Restroom Award in 2009 and has been featured on several television shows.

Features include a marble fireplace from Paris and chandeliers imported from Italy in the Ladies.

Each restroom is a approximately 1,800 square feet of "deliberate and one of a kind elegance".  Joe says there is a billiard table in the Gentlemen's restroom!

Yeah Betty! You guessed it. Our other big outing was lunch with priority seats on the Showboat Branson Belle featuring a three course meal, variety show, and an opportunity to sightsee along Table Rock Lake.

The grounds are immaculate with a couple of gift shops to visit while waiting.  


 Belle, "the largest ship on a landlocked lake" was launched in 1994. Construction took place right on the lake at the port of White River Landing and 2 tons of bananas were used to lubricate the launching rails to send the ship into the water.
 The show, Made in the USA, included Julie McClary. I have never heard anyone play the piano quite like her...

...and Dean Church had some very unique fiddling skills...
 ...the Castaways stayed busy...
...and the ShowBelles and Mike Bliss, Master of Variety, who kept us in stitches with his comedy and magic.


 We ate most of our meals at home just visiting! Jim and MaryEllen did the grilling/main dish and Joe and I did salads and veggies. Thanks Jim and MaryEllen!

We did enjoy burgers and Vidalia onion rings at the Uptown Café our last night.

And you guessed it...chocolate shakes for us, and ME had a malt!

 We also took a stroll in Historic Downtown Branson. There isn't a lot there...several stores were closed and some buildings were empty.

Fall and crafts were plentiful!

The best part of Branson for Joe and I was spending time with Jim and MaryEllen. It is a fun place to visit and never lacking in something to do!

We left early this morning headed towards Georgia with a one-night stop in Tupelo, MS...a whopping 410 miles today! Tomorrow will be much better...about 285 miles to Pine Mt, GA where we will spend the month of October.
Until next time, take care and...

enjoy the view!


  1. I'd be the one having the malt too! :)

  2. You, me and Judy - malt definitely. We loved Shoji's show when we were there. But I want to see the Texas Tenors. Saw them in Mesa and they are fantastic.

  3. Looks like a great place to see.

  4. I like Dover's back mohawk. LOL. Going to spend some time at home I see. Where to next??

  5. Oh duh me.. I just looked again and realized that's Jack's tail. Too funny!!

  6. Looks like you were having a fantastic time in Branson. We visited many years ago. Looks like we might need to do it again.

  7. We have been there a couple of times and have always enjoyed our stay. Always something to see and do,
    Glad you enjoyed your time there.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful tour of Branson. Looks like a town full of fun. Having locals show you around is definitely the way to go. Glad you had a good time with your friends making memories to take with you:)

    Travel safely to GA. We will be in Atlanta around the third week of Nov. to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with our son who lives there. Then, we are off to FL for three months.

    Love the dog round up...very cute!

  9. Wow, was it a real bathroom for use? that is truly an award winning bathroom!
    Not sure if we will pass this way, but glad you gave us a tour complete with colorful pictures.
    We have not driven over 300 miles,not sure if we want to do it. Do you drive the Southern Belle?