Sunday, October 27, 2013

"This one is just right!"

Pine Mountain, GA
Pine Mountain RVC Outdoor Destinations
October 27, 2013

We continue to enjoy the lake across the street.
 Our week just flew by...I had a fun time playing chauffeur for Alice. She had an appointment on Monday. So how does GiGi ( that's me!) entertain a 3 year old while Mom is busy...with bribes of picking out a pumpkin! Joshua's very nice behavior earned him a visit to the LaGrange Farmers Market. What a hoot we had.  Alice and I had a hard time finding the "perfect" shape and size.

It didn't take Joshua long though...nope, not the white one. And not the really, REALLY heavy one!

This one is just right!

Summers, before RVing, were spent with morning trips to this Farmers market.  

Locally grown tomatoes,  green beans, butter beans, okra, peas, squash, and melons filled my basket.

And of peanuts. We boiled many pounds of them! A lot of folks have never had boiled green peanuts. We don't find them out west...a southern thing perhaps?
I also found honey crisp apples. I am not sure where they are grown, but they sure are crispy and delicious...a nice mix of sweet and tart at the same time!

Alice and Raelyn in the doctor's office.
Tuesday, I was chauffeur again... Raelyn had her second week old visit to the doctor. She is on her third different formula...we have our fingers crossed this one works! Joshua and GiGi decided to explore in the parking lot! 

Joshua measured trees...this one was just his size! And ran off some extra energy!

We found pretty flowers. I don't know what the pink flowers are. I was surprised to find the crepe myrtle still in bloom in the picture below.

And we spent a few minutes looking up...

and down...the camellia bushes were full of buds!

The "birds" arrived this week at Pine Mt RVC Outdoor Destinations. Blue birds that is...Wanderlodge Owners Group...120 of them! We didn't even know they were manufactured in Fort Valley, GA which is not that far from here.
The last Wanderlodge was manufactured in 2009. Most of the buses here this week though were from the 1990s. Very colorful buses and a nice group of folks!

The view of the lake across the street just gets prettier and prettier.

Yesterday I spotted a brown thrasher in the bushes next to the water's edge. It's our state bird.

 The geese continue to amuse us. We are quite honored to have them as neighbors.

They sure stick close together!

 Nighttime skies have been colorful!

 The weather has been so mornings, well rather chilly mornings, and breezy cool afternoons. Perfect sweater weather! We had lots of play time at the doggie park. And,  Dover, Wrecks and Jack had annual vet appointments. Dover and Wrecks will return next week to get their teeth cleaned. I had a hair cut and Joe and I have new glasses...yeah! That about sums up our week.
Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week. Until next time...

enjoy the view!


  1. Sounds like you having way to much fun, love Georgia have been there quite a few times, probably not this year though.

  2. Boiled peanuts are definitely a southern thing and after tasting them, they can keep them. Maybe it's a taste you have to grow up with because we sure didn't like them. That pumpkin was certainly the right size for a good kid. All that energy just wears me out.

  3. What a wonderful GiGi you are! I am sure Joshua is keeping you quite busy. Don't you just love their energy. Glad Joshua was able to find the right pumpkin. Love the cart was his little pumpkin on it!

    How nice that you are able to still get so many nice fresh vegetables...yum! Honey Crisp are my favorite. Boiled peanuts are not:)

    I bet there were some beautiful vintage Wanderlodge buses there.

    Thanks for the pretty sunsets:)

  4. How lovely to spend time with your grandson and help Alice with the new baby. Sounds like a perfect time to catch up on things and have some family time in a beautiful place.

  5. Over the last week or so of our travels we've seen lots of big pumpkins too. Picking on e out that's the right size is a tough thing to do. Who knows what the right size really is.

  6. I really thankful to you for this great read On Adventurer Truck Campers!! You did a very great job, keep it up.

  7. I love a good farmers market, especially at this time of year. So many delicious things to eat at harvest time & a feast for the eyes too. Don & I love boiled peanuts & always look forward to getting some whenever we reach the TN/GA line. A wonderful southern treat. I had never heard of a Wanderlodge before but think the colors are unique. I'll be keeping an eye out for them from now on. By the way, I was told that Honeycrisp is a Michigan apple. It's the only place we could find them for many years.

  8. Boiled peanuts are the best! Had a friend that moved south from Rhode Island. She asked me "what the heck is a bald peanut"?

  9. Looks like you two are enjoying being "home" near family. Planning to winter in Georgia, or are you headed further south into Florida? Looks like we will be headed home to Florida in late January, and then back on the road again after Easter for least that is the plan for now....assuming we survive this cold Tahoe weather. --Dave (

  10. Im getting quite sad that our visit only has a week left. I cant tell you how much i appreciate all of yours and daddy t's help. I wouldn't have survived this month without you. Joshua has had a blast spending time with yall. Im not sure what we will do when its time to toss his "perfect" pumpkin. He has to go out and check on it several times a day and clean it (he says it has to be squeaky clean)....haha. he loves his pumpkin!

  11. Gigi, I had two girlfriends by that name too! I have a feeling thats the same farmers market that we went to when we were at LaGrange. We bought a lot of stuff from there.
    Those "birds" were good looking ones especially the one with Bird Brains :)

    Bonding with family at the same time enjoying the fall weather in your lovely state.

  12. Gay, adorable photos of your grandson and how fun going pumpkin hunting with Gigi! Love all your photos!

    I LOVE boiled peanuts! Howard will not eat a single one. It sure is a southern thing! I told Howard this morning _ "I will soon get some boiled peanuts" Can't wait!

    It sure looks like you are enjoin yourself!