Friday, October 18, 2013

A "Honking" Alarm

Pine Mountain, GA
October, 2013

 Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. The cool, crisp days are a welcome relief from the very hot and humid days of summer. This year October has been the perfect time to return for our annual visit.

 I grew up in this area...we lived in Manchester, GA (home of the FDR Little White House) until I was 9 years old before moving to LaGrange, GA.

If you blink while driving on Scenic Hometown Highway 27, you might just miss this jewel. Pine Mt. is small, only 2.8 square miles.

Main Street is filled with locally-owned shops and boutiques, cafes and an old-timey, hand-dipped ice cream parlor.

This quaint town began in 1882 when the railroad spread from Columbus. It was originally named Chipley and didn't become Pine Mountain until 1961.

This small southern town has emerged from its days as a farming community into a primary tourism location, greatly due  to the efforts of President Franklin Roosevelt and Callaway Gardens.

 Sunrise here is not like the desert, but still a great way to wake up and greet the day! We love watching the horses across the street. Its a beautiful property. There have been 2 outdoor weddings since we arrived...


Canadian geese have also been enjoying the lake there.  This flock arrived bright and early this morning... ...quite noisily!  Their "honking" call to "get up, get up!" was quite clear.

What a treat to see!

 It sure makes Joe and I happy to play with our pups. Wrecks and Jack love to play catch. The weather has been so nice, we can go several times a day.

Wrecks keeps his eyes on the ball and rarely misses.

Of course a break in the shade is always nice!

Appointments for Joe and I are winding down. We have had great reports...WHEW! Glad that's all over! Only appointments left for us are to pick up our new glasses and I have a hair cut next week.

Joshua (3 years old) loves running, riding his bike, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He is so happy...what a good dose of non-stop energy!

Alice can't drive yet, so I drove Alice and Raelyn for Raelyn's  first doctor appointment.  Daughter and granddaughter are doing great!

Have a great week-end!

Until next time, take care...

and enjoy the view!


  1. What a great place to be for a little while. We love the babies and love being with family. Life is so peaceful for Raelyn and she is so precious.

  2. With all the hiking you and Joe did over the past several months, you must be in really great shape. No wonder your checkups all came back AOK.

  3. Pine Mountain looks like a wonderful place. I'd love to "retire" to a small town like that one day. Loved all the photos, especially of Raelyn - what a little doll!

    And isn't it sooo nice to get all the medical appts done with good reports. Whew, for sure. :)

  4. Georgia on my mind! Pretty pics. I think when we get ready to find a permanent place, Georgia is a place we'd look. Went back to your blog for your stay in Las Vegas. Drove to Eldorado Canyon yesterday. Pretty views of Colorado River.

    Glad to hear you guys are in such great shape! Not looking forward to all the appointments when we go home at Christmas.

  5. You sure did grow up in a pretty place. Georgia, so far, has only been a place we barreled through to get to Florida. Need to slow down and check out these quaint mountain towns.

    Kudos on the great check-up results. Must feel good to have more time now to just enjoy that beautiful new granddaughter and energetic grandson.

  6. Three year olds can certainly wear a person out. Sometimes, just by watching them. ;)

  7. What an adorable town! It looks so quaint:) I'll have to keep it in mind as we travel through GA on our way south.

    Your time home sounds like ours!! Lots of appointments that included good news and new glasses! Good to know we are both ready to hit the road again.

    You had an extra treat while home with those two beautiful grandchildren. I am sure Joshua kept you very busy while trying to snuggle with Realyn. They will be hard to leave.

    Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  8. Looks like a town that we would enjoy. Thanks for telling us about it.

  9. Many of those small southern towns are so neat....we had a ton of them in Arkansas. Some fall into disarray, while others are so pristine looking. Lots of seems to be how the townsfolk feel about their community...although some it has to do with the poverty level too. --Dave

  10. I love hearing that those medical reports all come back with good news. What a pretty pretty area.

  11. What a charming looking little town. It certainly appears to be a nice place in which to have grown up. Happy to hear all is well health wise & you're enjoying time with your family.
    PS I love the Fall in all of its colorful splendor too.

  12. Gay, what a lovely post. I enjoyed learning a little about where you grew up and seeing the quaint town of PM. Your photos are great, especially love the geese shots. Glad you guys are healthy! I bet you are glad that is done and can be checked off your list.

  13. Love Georgia, but this year us Canadians are heading to the Arizona area for the winter.

  14. This looks like such a quaint, relaxed little town and those grandbabies are adorable. Love your photos of fall. We are planning to travel through Georgia after wintering in Florida this year. I will have to see if this little jewel is on our route. :)

  15. Your photos (action pics of family and dogs)are really great action pictures especially of Joshua running. We missed this little town as we were too focused on the Little White House over there.
    The geese are also honking us here to move south!