Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Pine Mountain RVC Outdoor Destinations
Pine Mountain, GA
October 31, 2013

 Last weekend, we had a fun time at the Fall Festival here in Pine Mountain. The weather was perfect,  just cool enough for a sweatshirt!

Joshua enjoyed all the games...

...but "T-ball" was his favorite! 

We were all surprised at how well he hit the ball.

There was entertainment and hot dogs!

Josh, Alice and Raelyn...

 This week, the trees have really had a burst of color. The window by our kitchen table has a great view of this maple tree...

We have enjoyed watching it turn from green to red. 

Sally and I have had nice walks around the park. This tree is by the main loop. It really pops when its sunny.

The "tenting" section of the park offers a group picnic area. Being a week-day, it wasn't very crowded...  

except for these little guys scurrying around and stuffing their cheeks! 

There are also yurts here.

I was so excited to see the blue birds...not the motorized ones (they are all gone!). But the beautiful blue flying ones! It was a cloudy day so the pictures are not very showy.

The horses were at the watering hole as we headed back home from one of our walks. The watering hole is on the opposite side of the driveway from the pretty lake that's across the street.  The geese were also in the watering hole, but not for long!

Sally and I sat on the side of the road and watched the horses for awhile. The horses were also watching us!

Our home from across the street.

One afternoon we rode to Franklin D Roosevelt State Park located in Pine Mountain. At 9,049 acres, its Georgia's largest state park.  

This is the look-out from the visitor center.
 The visitor center sits on top of Pine Mountain. Several of the parks amenities including the center and cottages were built by the CCC during the great Depression.

 Today, Dover and Wrecks had an appointment at 8:00 am to get their teeth
cleaned. Dr. Shelnutt and the friendly, caring staff there have been taking care of our pups for many years. Its always a pleasure to take the pups for check-ups and visit.

We had several hours to spend in LaGrange. Our first stop was at the new government building to buy vehicle tags for the MH and Pearl.


After that bite to the wallet, we headed out for some fun!

I will save that for another post, but here is a clue!

Happy Halloween!

Until next time...
enjoy your view!


  1. Sure doesn't look very crowded in your park...

  2. It's certainly obvious that fall is here.

  3. Nice weather for Halloween, enjoy it while you can.

  4. Beautiful photos! Love the ones with the horses.

    Joshua is at a cute age for Halloween. I am sure he was very excited.

  5. I love the pictures with the water splashing around the horses. That is so cool.

  6. The clue looks very familiar! The food at the restaurant that looked like a church was good!

  7. Spending time with your grandson on Halloween must be the best. We had to settle with just photos of ours.

    The park looks quite peaceful. Love the horse photos and bursts of autumn colors.

  8. You've certainly chosen a beautiful area to spend your month......and to have such delightful grandbabies around is so special. Glad all systems checked out well and that clean, healthy living has paid off !! I need to get back to writing the blog but after posting beautiful scenery and exciting trails all summer, life now seems rather bland..... but the downtime is welcome.