Monday, March 9, 2015

Chivo Falls

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
March 8, 2015

Sunday was the day, after almost 5 months, that we had a trail day in Pearl. There are a few trails we could choose from in the Arizona Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails guide. 

Chivo, or Chiva as the locals call it, Falls was our destination. We chose this trail because we didn't have a jeeping buddy and figured this trail might be used on a Sunday. 
airing down...

To get there, follow Tanque Verde Road which changes to a well maintained gravel road called Redington Road. About 1/2 mile past mile marker 7, you will see a large parking lot to air down. Trail 4417 is on the left...

Beautiful things to see on Redington Road...

Right from the get-go, the trail is fun...nice and rocky...just right for crawlin'. And taking in all the beauty this area has to offer.

When the Guide was published, this trail was rated difficult because of an obstacle named Three Feathers about 3/4 of a mile into the trail.

We got out and studied our choices...3 different ways down. We chose the middle route and chose to go tippy rather than over the boulder on driver side. 

Team work for sure...Joe did a great job following the route as I spotted him down. For me, it was the first time I have spotted and taken pictures.

 About half way we crossed an earthen dam at Chiva Tank.

And shortly after, we came to 3 intersection. We went right on 4426 in search of a short hike to pools. We obviously missed the trailhead so we back tracked 2.4 miles to 4405 in search of the falls. 

The guide said to bear left on 4405A...we never saw 4405A! There were steep assents, descents, narrow ledges, and big boulders! But no 4405A and no falls.

We came to a rather good size stream and Pearl gurgled her way across...we were in hopes that 4405 led back to Redington, but after walking a good ways down stream, we didn't find a visible trail.  You know what that means...

When we reached Three Feathers on the way out, there were locals who had just strapped out a buggy. We crawled right up the same way we had crawled down...WAHOO! I did ask them where the falls were and showed them our map... they said the trails change at least 3 times a year! That made me feel a little better! 

This was Pearl's first trail with new 37" Nitto tires. Joe was very pleased! 

We had a blast with smiles from ear to ear for about 5 hours! 

Until next time...

enjoy the adventure and happy trails!


  1. Now that looks like a fun day, nice that the tires worked out too.

    1. It was way fun George! Just nice to be out and about....

  2. What beautiful photos! Looks like you had perfect weather and the desert is so very pretty and green this year!

    1. The desert has been especially pretty this year Lisa. Of course, I think I say that every time we are here.

  3. Gorgeous photos but I'd still be afraid to count on big rocks as the road especially as nice looking as Pearl is. Love your photos, as usual.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day with a perfect Jeep trail for Pearl:) You got some amazing shots, Gay!! Great spotting and shooting:)

    1. Thank you time I hope we find the falls!

  5. Are you sure you are in Arizona? ☺️ Look at all that water!! Fabulous, gorgeous photos, Gay.

    1. It was a nice surprise Sheila! And thank you!

  6. Vaughan said if we had still been there we would have gone with you. I am not sure if our tires would have been able to do the job. Awesome pictures!!

  7. Im really looking forward to ride in your jeep and be adventurous. But for now thanks for the ride I had fun myself moving sideways left and right as you traversed the trail.
    Beautiful photos as always Gay.