Friday, May 6, 2016

A Surprise in Arches National Park

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
April 28, 2016

So what do you do when the weather decides to be rainy with thunderstorms?  If you have never driven through Arches NP in heavy rains, you have missed something quite beautiful...the waterfalls on all the red rock is totally awesome.  We didn't see any waterfalls, but had an unexpected surprise... 

 Until next time, happy trails...

 and happy days !
Rough Mulesears...the last picture of the day as we were heading out.


  1. That snow would have surprised me too. Very neat.

  2. Got me! Did not expect snow. When life gives you snow - make snowmen!

  3. Gorgeous! Very different from your last hot summer there!

  4. Wow! At least you can say those clouds sure make gorgeous pictures !!

  5. The park was wonderful with all the dramatic background the clouds gave it. Great idea! People don't realize how high Arches goes as you drive north. Very neat to see snow:)