Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fisher Towers Hike

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
May 2, 2016

It's been two years since we hiked Fisher Towers.  Why I don't know because it is one of the most scenic and beautiful hikes least I think so.
It's a moderate hike with lots of ups and downs to get the heart pumping and leg muscles warmed up right from the get go, but the surroundings are so pretty, I hardly noticed how hard I was breathing! 

It's a well maintained in and out trail with a total of 4.6 miles.

The Cliff Rose were in full bloom and the lovely fragrance filled the air as we descended into the washes...yes, more than one...and climbed back out at the beginning of the hike.

I am not sure what this bush of yellow four petal blooms is, but it had a nice cinnamon smell.

 The trail has a western exposure. We were there about 8:45 am just as the sun was peaking over the towers.  Much of our morning was spent in the shade. 

We took our time enjoying all the little things along the way.

Does this rock remind you of a boxer covering his face? 

Joe and I both chuckled as we watched this bee.

He was a lot heavier than the flowers.  Every time he landed on a flower the stem would bounce way up and down taking him for a ride. 

There was no doubt which arrow we were following!  

Ancient Art is a complicated formation with several major summits. 

The corkscrew summit is great for a moderately experienced trad climber according to

We were in luck.  There were three climbers and all three made it to the top of the corkscrew.

After meandering around the largest tower known as The Titan, the trail ascends and ends up on a ridge with a panoramic view. 

It's a full 360* view that includes Fisher Towers,

Onion Creek,

 and Castle Valley.

It was an absolutely beautiful, happy day...

Until next time, happy trails !


  1. What amazing scenery, you find the greatest places.

    1. The scenery is totally awesome George. It was a great day!

  2. I have not done that hike...yet! Looks fantastic, and all the flowers are icing on the cake!

    1. You would love it Lisa. Even though it's not that long of a hike, it is a great workout.

  3. This is always a fun hike even a second and third time:) You had some brave climbers that stood up!! I love when they stand up on top. Looks like a great day!

    1. Yes it was Pam...I was wishing I had my big lens so I could get their facial expressions!

  4. What a pretty hike! The climbing, not so much. Love the salmon colored flowers and the persistent bee. The pics of Castle Valley and Trail's End are especially beautiful.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! You've captured it with great pictures too.

  6. Wow! Spectacular rock formations! Lovely flowers too. What a scenic hike! Thanks for taking me with you.