Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kane Creek Canyon Trail

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
May 22, 2016

Kane Creek Canyon Trail has been on our "to do" list since last year.  It was added to the Moab Friends For Wheeling calendar for this past week-end.  Charles Wells book (Guide to Moab Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails) has it listed on the difficult list.  In fact only 5 trails listed are harder than this one.  Three distinct sections make this a fun and challenging day.  At the start, the canyon is wide as we made our way on a rocky/ledgy road.  Then the canyon walls closed in as we descended on a sandy trail that crossed the creek several times with awesome cotton wood trees lining the way.  The last section of trail is very narrow as we climbed out of the canyon and faced the hardest obstacle of the day called Hamburger Hill.  All total, the length of the trail is 13.5 miles and follows the creek the entire way.   

Dee was our leader, followed by us, Glen, Dale and Roland, Al and Linda, Dave, and Jeff. 
Not long into our Sunday morning drive we came upon what Dee calls "show-off rock".  Hummmm ! 

This picture captures an example of what Glen's incredible Jeep can do.

Dale and his well built buggie had no worries!
Al's Samari took the squeeze...which is what we did too.  

Dave's two door extended JK wheeled right over  "show-off rock".

And last was Jeff trying out his new Treps (sticky tires). Yep, he was all smiles !

At about 3.8 miles we passed a large boulder on driver side with a few small petroglyphs.  I would have never noticed them...thanks Dee for the heads up.

Meandering close to the creek offers lots of green and cool breezes, the sound of running water, and makes for a shady spot for lunch.  

Having never done this trail,  Joe and I were unaware of the challenges to follow.  The best was yet to come !
Dee (driving Blanche) crawled up Hamburger Hill like a pro.    We can't take the same line as Dee so she graciously spotted Joe over and around several huge boulders and inches away from the cliff.   

It wasn't over yet.  There was one more creek crossing and a steep, gnarly climb on what the guide book calls a pipeline road.

Dee shows the way... 

After everyone climbed, we took a break to enjoy the creek.

One last play area...

 Glen and Jeff had fun going up and down in circles trying different lines...

From here, it was an easy sandy road back to Hwy 191.

 Until next time, happy days and...



  1. Now I would have needed that last stop to recover, not enjoy the creek...haha! Great photos of the fun adventurous day, Gay! Way to drive it, Joe:) How neat to find a little petroglyph panel!! Another fabulous day in Moab:)

  2. You have enjoyed so many wonderful trails - this one looks especially fun and rewarding!!!

  3. Oh what a great trail it has a bit of everything. Do you ever disconnect your front sway bar? I can hear mine breaking just looking at your adventures :)
    But I sure enjoy everyone - when does your guide book come out?

    1. Hey Jeff. We got rid of the sway bar disconnect and installed Currie Anti-Rocks. Much stronger! The "bible" of guide books around Moab is the Charles Wells guide I refer to all the time. I do appreciate the compliment though !

  4. Pearl is really now with the big boys! And of course Joe who made sure Pearl can handle all the obstacles. Another fun day in Moab, great pictures Gay.
    I can imagine the joy in everyones faces as each one tackled the show off rock.

    1. We had lots of "Wahoos" on Kane Creek MonaLiza. A fun day...