Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Golden Spike

Portal Rv Resort
Moab, UT
May 3, 2016

To complete Golden Spike has been on our bucket list for sometime.  And now we can finally check it off.  It is one of the longest (20.1 miles) 4X4 trails simply because to complete it you have to do half of Poison Spider, all of Gold Bar and part of Gemini Bridges. Golden Spike is only 6.7 miles by itself and full of non-stop challenges.  

Our group for the day chose to do it backwards which means we saved Poison Spider for last...the views coming out that way are spectacular.

The only folks we really knew in the group were Dee, David and Lois, and Dale and Rolande.  The others were all from the 4 Wheel FMCA club.  We followed a nice guy named Kevin sometimes and other times we followed Dee.  

David and Lois

Starting on Gold Bar meant that we had to go down the waterfall.


Sometimes it's hard to keep 4 on the ground.

The obstacles on this trail have the "awesomest" names...Body Snatcher, Double Whammy, Golden Stairs, Golden Crack, Zuki Hill, Skyline Drive, and Launch Pad.   But as the pictures show, my focus was on the views!  

 My favorite picture of the day was looking back at Dee as she came down Wedgy on Poison Spider.  She was photographing us while driving !

 It was a long, exciting day.  Thanks to Dee's spotting we aced the Golden Crack for the first time. 

The puppies were glad to see us.

 Until next time, happy trails !


  1. Nothings changed. As much fun as those rides might be, I still would be scared to death on some of them.

  2. The title: "Golden Spike" had me thinking you're in Salt Lake. HA - your Golden Spike looks a lot more fun than a piece of railroad history. Beautiful views from the top of some awesome trails.

  3. Looks like so much fun, and really beautiful vistas on top of it. Great shot of Dee with her camera :-)

  4. So glad we were able to see you out on the trail:) I'm sure the puppies were very happy to have you home:)