Friday, May 6, 2016

Mashed Potatoes

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
April 30, 2016

Twice a year (spring and fall) Moab Friends For Wheeling does a highway clean-up day on a section of Hwy 191 north just past Arches.  With a group of 10-12, it usually takes about 3 hours.  It is amazing the things you find.  This year I found an IPhone 6.  Dee cleaned it up, charged it, and posted the wallpaper picture of two children on Facebook.  Can you believe it had been lost for a year?  And the owner still had the box with the serial number to claim it?  So cool. 

Afterwards a few of us set out to do some wheeling on Mashed Potatoes.

The section of Mashed Potatoes we did has some short steep climbs and is rated moderate if you bypass the Gravy Bowl.  

Dee was the first to dip into the Gravy Bowl.  As the picture shows, there isn't much room to maneuver around once in the hole.  

Dee made several attempts to line up but was about 2 inches off the mark.  Pearl was glad to help.

Glen followed with great finesse...

...followed by Jeff who was in and out before I focused the camera... 

followed by Dee who aced it...

(Her reaction says it all !)

 followed by Keith (His first time.) who did an awesome job with Glen spotting.

The Gravy Bowl obstacle just happens to be atop of one of the prettiest overlooks where we had lunch.  Such a fantastic view of Hidden Canyon and Bartlett Slickrock.  

 Moving on, the trail had lots to offer in the way of views.

 No one has ever said, but I figure Mashed Potatoes gets it's name from the swirly white colored rocks you traverse over and around.

There was a mixture of sun and dark clouds for most of the ride but no rain.

It's amazing how these wonderful plants grow in the tiniest of places among the slick rock.

I am not sure what trail we connected with to exit, but it is so unique.  We have passed by here before and it always reminds me of another planet.

Yep, we were tired, satisfied to have volunteered, and happy to have had a fun day with great friends. 

Dee was our leader for this ride. Joe and I are always amazed by Dee's trail knowledge. She makes the ride so interesting and so much fun.

Until next time, happy days and...


  1. Love, love your header photo. Not so sure I could ride in one of those jeeps. I'd be afraid we'd get stuck or end up rolling backwards down the hill.

  2. That Gravy Bowl was really neat. Love Dee's reaction. Glad you captured it:) How neat was that that you found the phone and it still worked! Think of all the rain and snow it went through. Amazing!

  3. You always have so much fun out there lots of great memories are being made.

  4. I am amazed at Dee's driving skills! Thanks for doing your part keeping Moab beautiful!

  5. Of course Dee went back and aced it :-))) Great pics of a great day. Thanks for your group's clean up day - and I'm sure that phone owner couldn't believe the phone was found and workable after all that time! Wonderful to get those photos back. Beautiful pics, especially like the alien planet.