Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amarillo East KOA

We had site 83....right on the end. The lots were gravel, level and spacious.
The staff worked hard. We got there just as they were opening up for the season.
What a way to start the day...the sunrise was beautiful everyday!
Dover and Sally out for their morning walk....

Jack found a new place to be lazy on the dash....
and Wrecks waiting patiently to play ball.
I thought the doggie walk was cute.
Joe had to work hard to keep the dust off the bike. We enjoyed our stay in Amarillo!


  1. How are the pups doing with the travelling in the rig? Are they any better? Jack still in his man-cave????
    Take care & drive safe.

  2. Oh and nice title too. LOL LOL LOL

  3. Doggie walk is too stinking cute!!! Whoever did that had a great idea, just perfect!