Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cool, Clear Water and Willis Creek

Cannonville, Utah

  Today was family hike day and Marsha, part owner and manager of the KOA here, suggested the Willis Creek hike. She assured us it was dog friendly...  

You drive 2.9 miles south of Cannonville on Cottonwood Road and turn right on Skutumpah Road (scenic backway 500). The trailhead for Willis Creek is about 6 miles down Skutumpah Road which is an unpaved road and lots of fun!

 Parking for the hike is a well-used flat area on the right side of the road.

The trail into the canyon begins across the road.

Dover and Wrecks were the lucky pups today!

And they're off! The adventure begins...

The cool, clear water...Willis Creek.

Wrecks loves to run...

and Dover loves the water.

The canyon walls were beautiful!

Hard rocks make narrow slots...

     while softer rocks make wider slots.

Looking up through the narrows was like looking through a window.

We went through several open wash areas...
Dover climbed the banks like a mountain goat!

                  Perennial flow of water in the creek is usually 1-2 inches deep.
We weren't the only ones in the canyon today!


There were a few signs of spring along the way!

And hugs and kisses from happy (and wet) pups!

 We found petroglyphs at the end of our part of the trail.

This was the view Joe and I enjoyed at lunch...and below is the view
Wrecks and Dover enjoyed.

 We found a bug in the water.

And several waterfalls.

We had two tired pups when we got home !
Our hike to the junction of Willis Creek and Sheep Creek was about 2.2 miles one way.
Hope you had a great day...we sure did!

Y'all come back!

P.S. Our Verizon internet connection is non existent and the KOA service inside the coach is way slow and so are we..... I finally tried taking the lap top outside and discovered the KOA connection was pretty good.  Hopefully, I will have time Thursday evening to read posts and catch up on comments.


  1. How nice that you were able to take two of the dogs with you on your hike. I can just imagine the fun they had in the water. Looks like a variety of hiking things to do. Any slot is a good slot! Love the little waterfalls.

  2. The dogs had a great hike and you took some more awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful hike. You could sure tell that the dogs loved it too!


  4. You might need to add a signal booster to your Verizon unit for better reception.

    Great pictures and a nice hike for everyone. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.