Monday, May 6, 2013

The "D" Word and Cannonville/Bryce Valley KOA

Cannonville, Utah

 Has it ever happened to you? The big "D" word...yes a detour!

In our 21 months of being full-timers, this was our first detour.

We were traveling 89 North and ended up on 180 going Northeast and then 98 going Northwest...about an hour of extra travel time.

 We got back on track at Paige, AZ.
Have you ever had a car pull out in front of you on a curvy downhill scenic road? Yep...a car pulled out from a scenic pull-off. Oh the smell of burning tires!

How sweet it is! Imagine our excitement to finally pull in to our home site for the next two weeks...Bryce Valley KOA.

The old crows like it here. The park is small, and the views are humongous.

This is our view from the front of the coach...


...and below is the view from our kitchen table.

The trees are blooming...

...and the birds are enjoying springtime!

Our phone and internet service is real iffy.


Kamp K-9 here is too small for ball playing.

This is the farm next door. The nearest Wal-Mart is about 90 miles away!                                                      

We are happy to be here. Here in the valley, it was warm today, but 13 miles away in Bryce NP it was snowing!

 There is a chance of thunder storms for the next few days, but the locals tell us the rain (and snow) usually pass over the valley. So tomorrow we will head down Scenic Hwy 12 to Escanlante to see the Petrified Forest State Park.
Thanks for visiting!

 Y'all come back!


  1. Take lots of pictures of the Petrified Forest. I love the petrified logs!

    Hope to connect before the week is over;)

  2. Those are beautiful views. Haven't been to the Petrified Forest, but we were sure blown away by the beauty of Bryce. Glad the detour wasn't a big problem for you. I always worry about low clearances showing up.

  3. Excellents pictures, enjoy your time there.
    In our seven years have come across a few detours, the most interesting was travelling south in Mexico, the road is closed and no detour signs, just traffic going in different direction hopping we make the right decision.

  4. The road up to Paige buckled last winter and I think it's going to be awhile before they get it back up and useable. You are going to love Bryce.

  5. Wondering if the KOA is the same one we stayed in at Cannonville back in 07. We really enjoyed that area. Kodachrome Basin, Grosvenor's Arch & a really neat slot Canyon not far from Cannonville. Lady at the desk told us how to find the Canyon.