Thursday, May 16, 2013

Queen's Garden Trail and Navajo Loop

Cannonville, Utah
Last Tuesday we were up early and out the door by 8:30am. Destination... Bryce NP.
The Queen's Garden Trail begins at Sunrise Point...elevation 8017 feet.
This trail is a steep descent of 320 climbing down a 32 story building.

This sign pretty much sums up the trail. Joe and I were both glad we had purchased nice hiking boots back in Tucson.

 Highlights of the hike included spectacular views around every turn. A photographers heaven!

There were fantastic rock formations that we found interesting. They sure generated a lot of visual activity! 
As you descend, the scenery changes...lots more green added to the picture.

The Ponderosa pines stand  so tall and proud.
They have needles that grow in groups of three.
And we found  the ancient bristlecone pines again.

 Horse back riding is available if you enjoy that. I would be way to nervous on those steep slopes and drop-offs.

At the end of the trail there is a rock formation...wonder why its called the Queen's Garden? The formation so resembles Queen Victoria, regal in her crinolines, surveying her Queendon.

Is this the end of the hike...I don't think so. At this point, you can go back the way you came (making the hike a 1.8 mile roundtrip) or you can continue on the connector trail that joins to Navajo Loop which is just what we did. 


As we continue, we are surrounded by beautiful trees...pines and firs mostly.

Its sunny, but the shade from the trees help to keep us cool.

How different everything looks from the canyon.

The rocks we just walked through and on look so fragile.

Shortly after the connector trail joins the Navajo Loop, we walked through a section of narrows. I love the narrows! Our first experience with narrows were with Steve and Joan...thanks again!

There is a 400 year old Douglas Fir tree in the narrows. I'm not sure if this is it or not.

We sure saved the hardest part of the hike for last! This is a picture looking down on switchbacks...very steep and narrow switchbacks...lots of stops for water here!

I thought the end was near...oh no! More steep inclines, but the views made it worthwhile. We climbed 521 climbing UP a 52 story building!

 Whew! Almost done! Navajo Loop Trailhead begins at Sunset Point...but, Pearl was waiting at Sunrise Point. Actually, we planned it that way. We enjoyed the last half mile on a nice, FLAT walkway...

...enjoying all the views the Amphitheater had to offer. Total hike...drum roll please...2.9 miles!

                    It was a day! A day we won't soon forget. What a feeling of WOW!

                                                  I hope you had a day of "WOW!" too.
 Is this tree clinging on for dear life or what?
 Pearl sure looked good sitting there waiting on us!

This little fellow welcomed us to the park bright and early on our way in...

...Y'all come back!



  1. Ken and I took the horse ride down. Thought I'd wet myself!!! I had a horse that refused to walk close to the cliff face. He really loved walking on the edge. The guide said 'don't worry, he's not suicidal!!' Thanks heaps. And when I tried to nudge him close to the cliff face, he got really ticked at me. Glad I did it, but I wouldn't do it again.
    Take care.

  2. What a fantastic post. Yes, I would say a drum roll was in order. Love Bryce and look forward to doing the same hike next time we are there. Good point about going on a horse. I always thought I would like to do that but your comment and the one above makes me think twice. I think I would rather rely on my own two feet.

  3. We love the Queens Garden/Navajo Loop Trails.

    As far as the horse walking on the doesn't matter if he's suicidal or not if the edge of the trail gives way!

    (Yes, I'm a worry wart.)

  4. Beautiful! We may never make it back to the East Coast! There are just so many places we have to see. Love reading blogs and seeing pictures like yours. We're loving the scenery in Colorado. You'll have to come this way.

  5. Now that's the way to see Bryce! Good job!

  6. I was just reading about Kodachrome Basin and was afraid you were leaving without hiking Bryce!! I am way behind on blogs because for some reason we couldn't get any internet yesterday. So I checked back and saw this blog. Glad you got to do some hiking into canyon. It is amazing as you saw.

    Thanks for adding such beautiful pictures of the Grosvenor Arch. That road just wouldn't dry out enough even for four wheel drive. Oh, well, next visit! But it certainly looks like a beauty!!

    Travel safely to your new destination!!