Thursday, May 9, 2013

Escalante, Utah

Cannonville, Utah 

This picture pretty much sums up what our days have been like so far in Cannonville....mostly bad thunderstorms and heavy down pours. Our biggest pup, Wrecks, is so afraid of storms that we don't dare leave him alone in the MH.

 According to the hourly report yesterday, there was a 3 hour break in the storms. Joe and I had a bit of cabin fever so we decided to drive the Scenic Hwy 12 towards Escalante.

The views as we drove along were quite pretty!

Hwy 12 is undergoing work to improve shoulders and pull-outs. We did find one spot for photographs.

These little guys were so busy!

Here comes trouble!


And we enjoyed the views!


Wide Hollow Reservoir was a busy place. There were lots of people fishing and  taking pictures. These geese were the main attraction...there's definitely an explorer in this little family!

Just after you enter Escalanate, there is a scenic backway...Smokey Mountain Road. We gave it a try. It's a well maintained, unpaved road with lots of washes.

We walked a short distance in one of the washes...the rocks were awesome. All colors, shapes, and sizes! A great place for lunch too.
It was then time to head home! It was nice to be out and about for awhile...we enjoyed a little bit of sunshine!
  It's raining now! Not a surprise. I think I will put on a pot of homemade potato soup. I did look at the long range week should be sunny and warm thunderstorms and highs in the 80s. We are so glad we planned a 2 week stay!
I hope you are enjoying your day.
Y'all come back!


  1. Aw comfort food..maybe Wrecks should have a bowl too..take care.

  2. We can't leave Scooter alone either when it storms. I'm afraid she's almost kill herself. Nice that you got to get out for a little drive with some beautiful scenery.

  3. Glad you were able to get out for awhile. Looks like you had some good spots of blue sky. Nice lunch area! Next week definitely looks much better. Too bad we are on our way out. Hopefully, Friday and Sat. will get us our last two must do activities.

  4. Gotta get out and stretch for a while.
    Now that potato soup sound wonderful!

  5. The chipmunks and Canada geese are just the frosting on the cake to that lovely spot!

  6. I loved Utah, it's really a beautiful state. Sorry you're getting such weather, but hopefully you'll be able to really enjoy next week! Great photos, especially the geese and chipmunks! :)

  7. Glad you were able to get out during the break in the weather. Looks like it was well worth the ride. There is certainly some beautiful scenery there.


  8. I remember throwing snowballs up in the Escalante Summit area when I first traveled through that region back in May of 1992. I just love Utah's scenery & hope Kelly & I can once again return to my favorite scenic State again sometime in the not too distant future. Looks like you guys are having a great time out there despite the weather:))