Friday, May 3, 2013

Thursday...a walk

Grand Canyon National Park

Thursday we boarded the bus that took us to Hermits Rest.  Hermit Road, is a 7 mile scenic drive used by shuttle buses, bicyclists, and cars. Our goal was to walk the 7.8 miles back to the GC Village.

Louis Boucher, nick-named "the Hermit", was an immigrant from Canada. He was a part-time prospector and full-time tourist guide who operated crude overnight camps below Hermits Rest. "the Hermit" came to the Canyon around 1889 and mined copper until 1912. He called his mule Calamity Jane.

Road builders of the 1930s placed narrow pullouts at overlooks for viewing along Hermits Road. Although Hermit Road was reconstructed in 2008, today's drive is essentially the same as the one completed in 1935. Park services began improving the foot-path back in the 1930s and continue today.
From Hermits Rest, we walked the 1.1 mile to Pima Point. Here the main attraction is the Great Mohave almost sheer cliff plunging 3,000 feet.


Another 1.7 miles to Monument Creek Vista. This part of the foot-path is a paved greenway trail...bicycle and handicapped friendly.

For the next 3.1 miles we passed The Abyss, Mohave Point, Hopi Point and arrived at Powell Point all on an unpaved trail.

A view of the rapids at Monument Creek Vista.

In the picture below, we had a spectacular easterly view of Dana Butte with Granite Rapids visible...if you look Hopi Point.


The Powell Memorial at Powell Point...the memorial was erected in 1915 to honor the first party to run the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. John Wesley Powell was the leader of the group. Powell set out in 1869 with four wooden boats and nine men to explore the Colorado River. Three months later, only six survivors and two battered boats emerged from the canyon's portal . Most of the scientific data was lost so Powell returned in 1871 and completed a more thorough report.

The foot-path changed to a paved trail at Powell Point for the rest of the walk...1.9 miles to the Village. We passed Maricopa Point and Trailview Overlooks.
At Trailview  Overlooks you have a great view of the Bright Angel Trail...the park service gained control of the trail in 1928. They rebuilt it to ease the grade. From the overlook you can see the mule parties, backpackers and day hikers. This is a hint of todays (Friday) adventure! 
The last little part of our walk was The Trail of Time...markers, like the one below were spaced out to give a geological timeline.

We made it! What a great way to spend the afternoon!
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  1. Looks like this might be a good time to visit the Canyon when there aren't hoards of people there.

  2. What a wonderful day! I've never heard of the Hermit Road. We'll definitely have to check in to this. Great pictures! Wonder what today's plan was!!!

  3. Looks like the weather is holding nicely for you. Angel Trail? Mules or hiking? Enjoy.

  4. It is such an amazing area, and looks like are having perfect weather for your visit.

  5. That was quite an ambitious walk you went on! But what scenery!

  6. We couldn't get enough of the canyon views in 2008 and we were limited for time. Here's hoping to get back there for some more great views and hiking. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. What a gorgeous hike that was. We went to the Grand Canyon back in 2005 but we were only there for two days so we really want to go back and spend more time there. In those two days we hiked to the bottom of the canyon and then back out. Here is our post on that hike

    We never got to do the Bright Angel Trail so we are looking forward to hearing about it.


  8. So looking forward to the Canyon trip. It's on our bucket list. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  9. You guys must be in great shape! I used to backpack up granite boulders in Yosemite and other places, but just thinking about walking 7.8 miles now... I wonder if I could do it. You see such wonderful things while hiking like that. Thanks for the photos!