Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Onion Creek, Thompson Canyon, Bever Mesa

Moab, UT
June 8,2013

 It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The air was cool, the sky was blue and not a cloud to be seen. We decided to take our Sunday drive on Saturday...just because.

Our next ride had already been picked out so we loaded up water, lunch and Dover and Wrecks and headed for Onion Creek.

Fisher Towers

 Onion Creek is off Hwy 128, about 20 miles from the junction of Hwy 191 north. It is well maintained by the BLM. It is rated easy in our 4X4 Guide Book.

This is a relaxing drive through a beautiful canyon. This time of year and with no rain, the creek is just a trickle. We crossed this little creek 22 times!

Notice Dover is on a leash...well, the wild child thinks she is suppose to chase everything. She especially likes to chase lizards of all things. The last time we went hiking, her feet and legs were covered in prickly pear pricklies.

Totem Pole and Mongoose Tower

We, or I should say, "I" (Joe had his eyes on the road) were treated to unique rock formations. The guide said to look for Totem Pole and Mongoose Tower...we think we found them.

 For a few miles, we followed a shelf road with the creek below.

There was a gentle breeze and the grasses were so pretty dancing along the creek bed with the rock walls as a backdrop.

At about 7 miles, our nose found Stinking Spring...the sulfur-based natural spring that gave Onion Creek it's name.

 From there it's a climb up and out of the canyon.

Just magnificent!

After approximately 9.6 miles we reached Fisher Valley Ranch and a fork in the trail.

    Notice the sign? No, we haven't made any major purchases like a farm. But, can you just imagine waking up to that view everyday? We turned left and headed toward Thompson Canyon.

The Thompson Canyon trail is also in our guide. It is rated moderate, but we thought it was easy except for a few steep, rocky sections.
 We very quickly found ourselves descending into the canyon.

 The trail skirts around Hideout Canyon ( we didn't have time to take the short walk to "The Hideout").   

 From that point, the trail snakes around onto a rocky ledge...

 ...the most difficult section of the trail. I didn't get any pictures here...had to hold on!

Our two passengers enjoyed the views (and smells) and agreed it was a  fun way to spend Saturday!

We did make a few stops for me. This is a Sego Lily. It is the state flower of Utah. And even though we probably never would try it, the bulb of this beautiful wildflower is edible.

I believe this is Larkspur.

It wasn't long until we entered the LaSal Mountains. What a nice change in temperature...about 15 degrees cooler.

From there, we turned right and passed through Castle Valley towards Highway 128.

We had a wonderful day and week-end. I can't believe it is already Wednesday...

We hope you are having a great week.
 Sue and Paul, fellow bloggers, were at Portal this past week. We all had a nice dinner at the Blue Pig here in Moab last night...yummy BBQ...and two very nice visits at their home on wheels. Thanks for the hospitality! It's so interesting how the conversation just flows...sharing and laughing about all the adventures  we have experienced. They moved on to Kodachrome SP this morning. You can check out their blog at Sue is a great photographer!

 Thanks for visiting and for all your comments.

Y'all come back!


  1. We have been missing the desert view, thanks for bringing back and exploring for us.

  2. What a gorgeous drive you had. We need to get a good 4x4 book for every state we plan on visiting. We have for Arizona but always wonder where we can go off road elsewhere.

  3. How cool that you got to see the state flower. It's beautiful! The dogs look very happy out for their Saturday drive :)

  4. Looks like a wonderful Jeep ride. Glad that two of the dogs got to ride along. It sure is beautiful country for a Jeep.

    How nice that you went to dinner and visited with some fellow bloggers. It's always great fun to meet people that you spend so much time following through pictures and words.