Sunday, June 9, 2013

TERAFLEX, TOYO & Long Canyon

Well, we think Pearl earned her Jeep Trail Rated badge on a ride over Fins & Things led by Doug Sorensen (Portal RV Resort).  The ride gave us a better understanding of what our little Jeep is capable of and more importantly, how we are most likely to use it.  Check out our May 26th blog Fins 'N' Things - Learning What Our Stock Jeep Can Do.  We felt that Pearl deserved a couple of upgrades,  so following Doug's recommendation, we took her over to Jim Horne (Outlaw Jeep Rentals) here in Moab.  There, Pearl received a 2.5" TERAFLEX lift kit complete with new coils, 9550 shocks, and a set of 35" Toyo tires.  We also wanted to have a TERAFLEX Swaybar System with Quick Disconnect as well as a TERAFLEX front bumper and wench installed but our Blue Ox base plate got in the way.  At this point, we still have hopes a TERAFLEX bumper can be modified so as to enable us to use our existing Blue Ox Tow bar.  Accomplishing this, will clear the way for installation of their swaybar system and a wench as well. 

In any case, our first ride with the lift kit and taller tires was through Long Canyon.  The ride proved to be much smoother (pictures and comments below) and we now look forward to riding some of the more difficult trails.  We have two more weeks remaining of our five week stay here at the Portal RV Resort and are looking forward to going on quite a few more of the rides listed in The Guide To Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails. 

Thanks to Doug  Sorensen ,  Jim Horne, TERAFLEX and Toyo Tires, we are more excited about the world our Pearl the Jeep has opened up for us than we ever imagined we would be.

Moab, UT
June, 3,2013

 Long Canyon was the first 4X4 trail we took in Pearl after her make-over. We chose to drive from top to bottom to enjoy the views.

We headed out on Hwy 191 north from Moab, went about 12 miles and turned left on Hwy 313, went southwest about 14.5 miles and then turned left toward Dead Horse Point St Park.
We went another 1.6 miles and then turned left on a wide dirt road. This part of the trail travels across Big Flat.
After a few miles, we reached the top of Long Canyon where the road turns left and starts downhill.
From here the trail drops steeply down.
The trail narrows as it winds through the sandstone-walled canyon. The views were quite the WOW!

Hence, this trail is sometimes called Pucker Pass. The canyon walls were right there beside us and as I looked up, the sky was so pretty!
 I have to say...the big boulder was one of the reasons I wanted to do Long Canyon. No trip to Moab is quite complete without a picture of your vehicle going under it.

 The shelf road part of the trail seems very narrow, but actually there is enough room to pass and several spots for pull-offs.

High clearance 4WDs are recommended, but our guide says that any high clearance vehicle is acceptable.

 As we neared the end of the trail, the LaSal Mountains came into view.
 Just as we reached the end of the trail, before we turned left onto Potash Road, we looked up and saw Jug Handle Arch...a nice ending to an awesome morning!

We weren't the only riders enjoying the day...

A view of the canyon from the start of the trail.

Hope everyone has a great week...the weather calls for 100+ temps this week in Moab. We will be up and out early for sure!

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  1. Jeeps are certainly fun and they do a marvelous job getting us places we wouldn't otherwise be going.

  2. Sounds like a great improvement for your Jeep, you now have more options in the back country. Enjoy!!

  3. Make certain to get the Speedometer recalibrated if you plan on driving it on the road that might have speed traps. The larger tires will make you go faster than what is shown. Be Safe and Enjoy your new way of exploring.

    It's about time.

  4. Isn't that a fun road! Glad you got the classic picture under the cool!!

    We really toyed with making changes after our extreme Jeep adventures on the Anza Borrego Desert Park. Boy, there are some unbelievable roads there, very different from Moab. You must add that to your list. The hiking is amazing after you do a terrific ride. Anyway, we decided against changes. We like the ride comfort, and we (I) am fine with the trails (danger) we can do with what we have.

    Can't wait to read about your Jeep adventures. Please take LOTS of pictures!!! Don't roast while there.

  5. I want a jeep someday! If you're still in Moab, ask a local to direct you to "Power Falls." It's a short hike and a GREAT deep pool that crazy people jump into from the rocks on top. :-)

  6. Spectacular Header...I just noticed it.
    I enjoyed catching up reading various adventures while I was out of the country. Moab is not just beautiful, it is stunning.
    a 4WD drive is the way to go!
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures, cant wait for more.

  7. Beautiful pictures, my favorites though are of the smiling pups enjoying their time riding with you! Looks like ya'll are having a great time. we are enjoying cooler temps here in Bend. I guess Utah will be next year for us.