Monday, June 24, 2013

Park City RV Resort

Park City, UT
June 23, 2013

We are all settled in now at Park City RV resort. The owners of Portal RV Resort in Moab also own this resort/campground. Even though Park City RV Resort is booming right now, their busiest season is winter...lots and lots of skiers flock to the area to enjoy the slopes.

I am sure the snow is pretty, but oh my, so are all the beautiful flowers we are enjoying now.  "Different strokes for different folks" as we prefer not to be cold! 

The following are a few pictures I enjoyed taking around the Koi pond!

Our site is on the end...this is our view from the dinette window and my recliner.

This is a view of the off-leash dog park through the garden...our pups are so liking it. There is room to roam and run, some shade, and a combination of part pea gravel and grass.

 Most of the flowers are blooming...only the black-eyed susans still have buds.

The colors are so vivid...

 The weather has been just perfect! High today was 74 and low last night 50 with a nice breeze is blowing...

We haven't seen much of Park City or Salt Lake City yet. But, we did get to Wal-Mart and Petsmart. Joe and I have set a record for us...

...we haven't seen the likes of either one of those stores since we left Tucson the end of April! We sure cut it close on dog food. I just served up the last of the 96 pounds we stocked up on before we left Tucson!

This morning, Sally and I went exploring down by the river in the campground. There is a nice hiking path that runs along the river. We had such a fun time...just us!

I'm not sure what these water plants are, but the tiny white blooms were gleaming in the sunlight.

They were growing in the water all along the bank...not real showy with just a few, but the large clumps  sure stood out.

The birds were singing and the flowers were dancing, Sally was smelling and the butterflies fluttering...what a treat for me!

 There were dandelions everywhere! I can remember when I was growing up we would look for the seed pods so we could blow them and watch the seeds scatter. I don't think kids do that anymore.

These reminded me of cattails.

We are so thankful to be alive and healthy.

We are glad to be here!

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you have a great week!

Y'all come back!


  1. What an inspiring post. I love the photos of the beautiful flowers you discovered on your walk. Your comment about being thankful to be alive and healthy reminds me of the ee cummings poem entitled "This Amazing Day." Here is the first stanza:

    i thank You God for most this amazing
    day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
    and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
    which is natural which is infinite which is yes

  2. Another beautiful park!

    Gorgeous flowers! I can believe how many different kinds you found. Wonderful photos.

    Enjoy your stay and perfect weather:) We certainly are blessed to have our health and this wonderful lifestyle.

  3. Well, it looks like you went from one beautiful site to another! I hope you enjoy your time there... :-)

  4. Very nice weather and wonderful spot.
    We are like you prefer no cold and snow too.

  5. Nice pictures.

    When we make it to that part of UT we will surly check into Park City RV Resort.


  6. I'm wondering if those little white flowers in the water might be some sort of a bladderwort. ?

  7. Great pictures! Love seeing all the beautiful flowers.

  8. I love today's post. I almost feel like I'm beautiful. How are the temps there? I remember blowing dandelions as a kid! I remember doing a lot of things as a kid that kids don't do anymore & they would consider foolish now. Hop scotch, hide & seek once the sun went down, etc...

  9. Wow, those flowers are beautiful and well captured. The park will be on our a few years :)