Monday, June 3, 2013

Tower Arch Trail

Moab, UT

May 31,2013

Tower Arch is located in the Klondike Bluffs section of Arches NP. Salt Valley Road is the only way to reach the Bluffs.

The first section of the trail climbs a short, but steep ridge to a mesa top with panorama views of Salt Valley.

From there, the trail drops into a valley surrounded by deep-crimson walls.

We continued on, downhill, across the open desert floor and two wash beds.

The trail exits the valley through a steep, narrow corridor lined with spires and red sand...

...both caused by Entrada Sandstone erosion.

Sand gives way to slickrock as we neared the Arch Tower. The base of the arch is accessible by a short scramble.

Tower Arch is an old fin type natural arch.

It has a span of 92 feet, a height of 43 feet...

...a thickness of 50 feet, and a width of 29 feet.

This was our lunch spot for the day...

...with entertainment!


 Because this trail is in a remote section of the NP, the trail is not usually crowded.

D Q Swirl

There isn't much shade on this go early.


Judy, Joe and I didn't find morels, but we did find these along the way!

It was a great hike...we had a great workout, saw lots of beautiful rocks, and just enjoyed the great outdoors!
 We had planned to move on last Saturday,June 1st, but we are having such a fun time in Moab, we decided to stay awhile longer.  
Thanks for stopping by...

Y'all come back!


  1. Love this hike. This was our first chance to hike with Steve and Joan. The rock formations are beautiful along the way. Missed the DQ Swirl...very cute!

    Glad you are staying. Maybe you can get a few Jeep trips in.

  2. Don't forget to check out Goblin Valley too. There is a campground there, nice spot but no hookups. But there might be campgrounds outside the park that do have them.

  3. More great photos!
    If you are still have fun, stay and have more. Looks like lots to see and do.

  4. A nice hike with great photos! :-)

  5. We are passing through Utah in July. You have given me greats ideas where we should stop!

  6. So many wonderful places to see. Beautiful shots.

  7. Such a gorgeous place to visit. You have fabulous pictures to prove that.