Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Little Work and A Lot of Fun

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
May 30, 2015

Last Saturday (Dang, time flies!), it was clean-up day on the section of Highway 191 North adopted by Moab's  Friends 4-Wheelin'.  Dee, Joe, Dave, Richie, & I were responsible for the east side between mile markers 132 & 133.

After the trash was collected, bagged, tied and stacked, it was fun time. I was really excited because the trail for the day was Metal Masher. The name sounds threatening, but we were assured that all the extreme obstacles like Rock Chucker and Widow Maker had go-arounds. We had 3 buggies in our group built for obstacles like these and drivers ready and able to drive them.  What a show ! 

This vertical wall is so tame it didn't even have a name...Pearl took the go-around!
Dee and Nancy eased the approach by restacking logs, limbs, & rocks scrambled by the previous buggy's climb.

That is Jeff climbing Rock Chucker. He built his own buggy.

And Glen made it up on the first try.  What a fine looking buggy and he stretched it himself in his home garage.
Metal Masher, without the extreme obstacles, is a difficult and fun trail to do. It is on the north side of town, measures 12 miles and takes 4 to 5 hours. 

Dee climbs Misty's Thumb...
The overlook along Arths Rim is amazing.

Looking left towards Hwy 191 north...

Looking right towards Moab Valley and the LaSal Mountains...

Looking straight ahead towards Klondike Bluffs with Arches NP on the far horizon...

It was a long eight hour day with a little work and a whole lot of fun!

Until next time, enjoy the view and...

happy trails!

Richie made a great video with his drone of the buggies climbing Widow Maker...check it out!


  1. I still think you guys are crazy but it does look like you have a lot of fun times and beautiful scenery.

    1. Sometimes I think we are a little crazy too Sandie. It all looks much scarier than it really is and we never do anything our Jeep isn't capable of doing.

  2. It boggles the mind what those vehicles can do, especially with an experienced driver! The video was pretty cool too...I am amazed at the control he has of the drone! Looks like a really fun and full day!

    1. I will pass your comment along to Richie...he is quite talented!

  3. How nice that your Four Wheel group adopted a section of the road:) I would love to hike out to one of these crazy locations just to watch the various vehicles do some of these climbs. Smart of Pearl to take the gor arounds. The video was great. I found myself trying to help them get up. Some of them made it look so easy. I really miss the rocks.

    1. The club does a lot of really good things. Can't wait for the LaSal clean up!
      I sure wish we could be here at the same time Pam...we would love to take you both on a trail!

  4. You certainly seem to have an awful lot of fun with your Jeep and camera. Thank goodness for that!

  5. Kudos to your group for adopting a section of the road. My tummy was churning watching you guys having too too much fun!
    The views are killers. Are these trails just for jeeping?

    1. There are so many trails designated just for hikes/bikes with views just like that MonaLisa...can't wait for you to see Moab!l.

  6. Now thats pone fun day you had, keep on climbing!

  7. What fun - glad you enjoyed your day!