Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Things and Fins...

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
May 29, 2015
There's Pearl!
Baby Lion's Back was the first "thing" for the day and it was our first time to do do it. It was so much fun we each had several turns to climb and gurgle our way out.

Fins and Things is 9.4 miles (south and north sides combined) and takes about 4 to 5 hours if you are with a group. It is located in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. 

The south side is a combination of ledges, 

slickrock, and...

 sandy trail. The first time we did the south side was 2 years ago. Pearl was only 2 months old and we had never been to Moab. We were curious about the Jeeping trails and wanted to know what a stock jeep could do. It was love at first sight between Pearl and the slickrock...we were hooked!

The north side of Fins and Things is quite different and by far my favorite part of the trail. The route follows very steep and sometimes narrow fins...climbing is exhilarating , and going down is just "scary fun"! So what's not to like?

Having these spectacular vistas to photograph is a plus when the stomach decides to flip-flop.  

So far, on ALL of the trails we have done, lunch spots have been a highlight for me. There is always a view, there is usually time to do a little exploring, and, of course,  I am always hungry! Fins and Things was no exception. Our spot for the day was a view of the Negro Bill Wilderness. FYI...the other end of Negro Bill Canyon can be reached from Hwy 128 where there is a great hike to Morning Glory Bridge.
Negro Bill Wilderness

This little beauty, a Canyon Wren, was having a grand time hopping around on the cliff wall and into crevices. His presence is known by a loud cascade of musical whistles. 

The purple of the aster is a pop of color against the red rocks.

Lunch entertainment was free and helpful as beautiful Violet-green Swallows swooped in and out and up and down catching insects. Ingrid keeps a bird guide in her jeep so we were able to look them up for identification. 

There are white paint markings for the trail, but the black tire trail is easier to see.

Dee is photographing everyone on Kenny's Climb.

 Fins and Things (or Things and Fins as Kim likes to call it) was a great outing with great friends. 

Until next time, happy days and...

Up next...some work and lots of play sure make for a perfect day!

P.S. A huge shout out to our good friend Jim back in Georgia. Hope you are on the lake soon with a big catch!


  1. Now thats sounds like and awesome day, glad you took us along for the ride.

  2. Those rolling slick rock hills, the snow capped mountains and the puffy clouds look like perfection!

  3. The views are just amazing!! Glad to see you are enjoying the Jeep trails. Fins and Things looked like lots of challenging areas. You most definitely have "lunch with a view!"

  4. I still say there is no way I would want to travel on some of those roads that you do!!
    Great photos!

  5. I go for the views and excellent shots. Im so glad you are having a blast with Pearl!