Thursday, June 25, 2015

Joe and Jena

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
June 17, 2017

June 16th dawned with all of us waiting anxiously for the arrival of our youngest son Joe and daughter-in-law Jena. Their flight from Greenville, SC to Grand Junction, CO was fraught with storm delays that resulted in adding almost four hours to the trip. It made for a long travel day indeed! 

Our pups waiting patiently for Joe and Jena.
Finally, the long awaited reunion began with huge emotion filled hugs and a decision to go out for a late diner at Zax.  Then it was to bed for some much needed sleep.  We began our first day with a late lunch at Moab Brewery and a sunset Jeep ride.  Dee suggested 7 Mile Rim... a 4X4 trail rated at the top of the difficult list in the Charles Wells' Guide...for a sunset. The four of us piled in Pearl and along with Dee in Thumper,  Ronnie, Carol & Cooper in Jade we headed north.

Before I go any further, I have to say there are 4 Joes in the family...Joe's dad, Joe's sister Jo, husband Joe who is a Jr., and son Joe who is the third. Growing up, son Joe was always little Joe to me but I won't embarrass him so will refer to him as Joe III. 

The oohs and aahs started before we even got to the trail and continued as we twisted and jostled our way along washes, switchbacks and scenic vistas along the rim.  What a thrill it was for us to see the jaws drop and wide eyed excitement on Joe III and Jens's faces as we began to share our favorite stomping ground with them...Jeep style!  

A side trip on this trail is Uranium Arch. We stopped and did a little exploring.

Our first adventure ended with a brilliant sky and was the perfect beginning of their week long visit with us sharing some of our favorite places and things to do.

Riding along the rim at dusk...

Silhouette of the Monitor and the Merrimac...

Let the good times roll...


Up's 105 degrees for crying out loud!


  1. I know you'll enjoy your time with family!

  2. Gay, what lovely photos of your family. Have a WONDERFUL week with them!!!!

  3. Isn't it great fun to have our children visit and join us for our favorite activities:) How fun to take Joe and Jena out in the Jeep. The sunset drive looked beautiful. I'm sure they are so enjoying their visit. We had that same long wait with a weather delay when Jessica came out. That is such a great photo of the tan clan waiting. Love the photo of the four of you:) We so understand the temperatures!

  4. Wonderful family picture....I know you will enjoy your time together. --Dave

  5. Those sunset shots are AMAZING! Looks like some fun times ahead with the family....except for the heat wave - yuck!

  6. Looks like you're going to be having a great visit and lots of fun. More memories in the making.

  7. That is a lot of Joe's!
    It does feel good when family visits bring in wonder and awe in the surroundings we introduced them in.