Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hiking, Jeeping, Flying, and Dining...part 1

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
June 4-9, 2015

As mentioned in the last post we had a fun-filled, busy and exciting week. It all started when Dee's family arrived for a visit and to celebrate Dee's birthday. We met Kathleen, Jim and Erja last week and have had the pleasure of sharing several Moab "things to do" with them. Hiking and jeeping were at the top of their list.

June 4th was a perfect day for a hike so Kathleen, Erja, Joe and I headed out to Corona Arch trailhead,  one of our favorite hikes here.
Corona Arch trail is a 3 mile (in and out) round trip hike. There is very little shade on this easy trek up Bootlegger Canyon.

A safety cable with moki steps helps with a steep incline/decline on slickrock 

Erja stops to take pictures.

and a stationary ladder eases the climb up and over/down a ledge.

Corona Arch has an opening of 140 ft by 105 ft.
That's Erja standing under the arch on the left side...
An added bonus is Bowtie's on the left in the picture.
June 6th turned out to be a jeeping day. It was cloudy
with a chance of rain, but that did not deter excited jeepers.

The trail of choice was 3-D which tours the Hidden Canyon area on the north side of Moab.

Bartlett Wash lined with magnificent cotton woods.

Joe and Jim checking out an obstacle called The Pickle.

Slickrock area in the rain!

Looking down on the trail in Hidden Valley from a slickrock overlook. 

L to R...Jim, Kathleen, Dee and Joe

Strange looking rock formations...

Jim driving Roxanne on an obstacle near the end of the trail.

Dee spots Joe in Pearl.

The clouds were interesting all day. What do you see?

 And if that wasn't enough, we came home via Long Canyon from Hwy 313 to Potash Road.

The lighter orangey streaks are evidence of recent rock falls.
Until part 2, enjoy the view and happy trails!


  1. Isn't the trail for Corona Arch right beside the Gold Bar group campsite? If so, I've hiked it before. Great photos!

  2. Utah is definitely one beautiful state with so much to do and so many things to take beautiful pictures of!

  3. Oh, yes! Perfect activities:) The hike to Corona Arch is a great intro hike for someone who wants to try a lot of different hiking parts. It is one of our favorites, as well. Looks like an awesome Jeeping day. Love Long Canyon:)

  4. A rabbit! Too cute!

    The picture of Erja under the arch is wonderful! I'd never have guessed it was that large. Such beautiful country!

  5. I see a baby elephant in those clouds. Your Jeeping always amazes me. Looks like so much fun. Having a person near an arch always adds wonderful scale.

  6. Nothing to say but WOW, the scenery, the jeeping, the hike and just having a great day at a breathtaking place.

  7. I see an Elephant! You guys are going to want to call Moab home !!! 😊