Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our Yard!

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
June 3, 2015

We arrived in Moab on May 20th, but couldn't move to our favorite site until the first of June.  Once there we were set to watch for deer in the meadow.  And how I love roses!.

What a neat reflection in the water droplet!

 The mornings have been nice and cool and we are enjoying having our coffee and/or smoothies outside while the deer
also enjoy their breakfast. We saw 6 one morning!

 The puppies are quite content There is a very grassy doggie park here where the puppies can play ball off leash as well as the X-pen space on our site at the back (gives them more shade in the afternoon) of the Belle.
Wrecks enjoys a morning nap...

Jack is all go...

Sally has her eye on the birds...

And Dover agrees there is something special in the air!

It's time to wake up little Black-eyed Susan!

And no post about our yard would be complete without pictures of birds. We have at least one pair of Black-chinned Hummingbirds visiting regularly.

Sally must be hiding!

Joe and I have been busy as bees this past week. We have hiked, jeeped, and had an adventure in the sky with some very special people we now call family. More on that later!

This huge bee is certainly doing it's job...what a head full of pollen!
Last week we were having dinner on the patio. What a really cool smiley face! 

Thanks for sharing Dee!
Until next time, enjoy!

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  1. Oh my! There's nothing better than a site with wildlife (and tame!) and flowers! You've hit the jackpot and your photos are wonderful!

  2. I love watchin the animals and with spring there are even lots of babies out there. What great photos you have to enjoy.

  3. I sure hope Steve and I can visit Moab one day when you guys are there. You know all the great places to see. Glad you're having so much fun.

  4. What is your favorite site in Portal? We had deer appear by our site while there, also. What a pleasant surprise! Love the header:)

  5. What a wonderful back yard, enjoy it there.

  6. I would be content to just sit & observe all day long if I had a site like yours.

  7. I can't wait to have my chance of enjoying your backyard! Great photos as always, Gay especially the header!