Friday, June 26, 2015

It's 105 Degrees for Crying Out Loud!

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
June 18, 2015

Yep, the temps in Moab are unseasonably warm this June. So what do you do when the forecast calls for temps "Hotter than Hades"? Joe III and Jena get up at the break of dawn to get in a 5 mile run/bike ride along the Colorado River...

Warming up for a run as they leave the resort
 ...then you go on a hike!

Joe and I had several hikes in mind for the week with Corona Arch at the top of the list and a close second being Delicate Arch. The hot temps put a damper on our hiking so this was the only one we did. The kids enjoyed it and got a small taste of the ginormous size and space of the area.

Our next stop was Barlow's Adventures to pick up a rental 2-door Rubi for the kids. Our ride the night before had sparked their interest to try their hand at some off-roading. Yippe!

So late that afternoon, we headed out to Chicken Corners...

an easy to moderate trail on the south side of town. This was Joe III's first time to drive a jeep! 

Joe III rode saddle with us leading and Ronnie and Carol as tail-gunner.

He did a great job absorbing all the information he received, asked lots of good questions, and felt pretty confident as we pointed the jeeps toward home. 

The afternoon glow made for a spectacular ride...

Let the good times roll...


Up next...some revenge!


  1. Yikes..... that's a tad too warm to be hiking. Looks like some awesome Jeeping took place.

  2. It's hot here and I hate it too.

  3. Welcome to AZ temps. We're not doing any hiking in this kind of weather. We don't hike anyhow but it definitely ain't happening at these temps. lol A friend of ours here in the park was in Moab in May to do some of that extreme kind of jeeping that you guys do. He loves it up there.

  4. How nice that you got the kids a Jeep take out:) I bet Joe III had a wonderful time. The way to spend these hot days!

  5. That is a bit warm, nut at least you can still get things done.

  6. Oh my,that is waaaay too hot for me!

  7. I don't know what you're complaining about none of you look like you're broken out in a sweat and the other half for you are in the shade and the rest are in the jeep with air conditioning and the windows are closed do I do know you got to be having fun
    I'm not jealous about your heat but I am about your jeep excursion
    Break a sweat an Do enjoy your day

  8. It seems like the Joe's had some great bonding time in the heat. I think without humidity the hike and the jeep ride is manageable.
    Great shots as always Gay especially the last one of the jeep that looked like it was propped up.